January 9, 2017 JimAustin 0Comment

With Commissioner Roy Charles Brooks

In 2014, I made a pledge to raise awareness in Tarrant County of Prostate Cancer and the importance of early detection, especially for men of color. The Prostate Cancer Foundation reports that Prostate Cancer occurs more often in African-American men and men of color are twice as likely to die of prostate cancer as Caucasian men; the key to survival is early detection.


With this in mind, I reached out to community stakeholders, the faith community, and leaders in the healthcare industry for their support. With partners like Moncrief Cancer Institute, JPS (John Peter Smith Hospital), THR (Texas Health Resource), and the Texas Rangers Baseball Club we were able to double the number of men that we screened from our inaugural event. With their support I’m pleased to report, that almost 200 men registered, 110 received a PSA test and of those 8 were found to be elevated.  Through our partnership with Moncrief Cancer Institute, and JPS Hospital treatment options and patient care was provided to those with elevated levels.


My goal is simple, to expand our reach, and serve more men; that’s why I am contacting you. For optimal impact, we must expand our network and your sponsorship will help us do just that. This year we want to highlight one of our community partners, The Texas Rangers Baseball Club! MLB (Major League Baseball) has partnered with the Prostate Cancer Foundation to increase awareness and raise funds for prostate cancer research. Their local partnership with me has assisted greatly in getting more men screened.


On February 11, 2017, I would love to see hundreds of men taking a proactive approach to their health by getting a PSA test and connected to the medical resources needed to beat prostate cancer! Through continued educational outreach efforts like the Precinct One Prostate Cancer Screening Event, more men will be given an opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives with those they love.


It is my hope, that you would join me and the Texas Rangers Baseball Club and other community partners as we “knock prostate cancer out the park!”; together we can make a greater impact for the citizens of Tarrant County.  We look forward to partnering with you and appreciate your consideration.




Roy Charles Brooks

Tarrant County Commissioner – Precinct One